Career After Law

Having a legal degree does not always mean that you have to be an advocate in court. There are many options available outside the courtroom that he/she can pursue with a legal degree, but many are unaware of it. Let us go through some career options after the law.

In recent years, career-in-law has become a popular choice, along with medicine and engineering, as it gives you the same career opportunities and financial achievements as a medical field or engineer.

However, if you are not interested in becoming an advocate in court, there are alternative options you can follow with a law degree.

It must be noted that, as per the Bar Council Rules in most cases, individuals practicing an alternative career must give up their licence to practice in courts. However, it is interesting that the legal knowledge they obtain will stand them in good place if they choose to pursue the following alternatives:

1. Academician: After gaining a master in law, he/she can get into academics and become a professor at any of the law universities in India with PhD/Doctorate in law and also be a legal researcher and occupy top academic positions with experience, like a director of law school.

2. Civil servant: Another lucrative profession, after obtaining a basic degree in law, is joining the IAS. In fact, law is one of the sections of UPSC IAS examinations. As a bureaucrat knowing the law of land is essential as this will help in good governance

3. Patent agent: This is a niche field where one can combine a basic degree in science with a degree in law. Patent agent exams are based on the Indian Patent Act, and thus knowledge of the law will come handy in this field.

There is high demand for patent agents in law firms specializing in intellectual property law in multinational companies and the government.

4. Corporate council: Corporate firms offer amazing jobs. It is one of the most well-paid sectors and the most popular branch of law in India. Such professionals can counsel corporate companies either by being part of the organization or by working full-time counselors, or they can open a law firm and counsel different corporate companies as and how required.

5. Cyber Law Officer: Cyber officers have become one of the sought jobs after completing the law degree. Top organizations (public or private) worldwide are in need of cyber lawyers. The salary can be anywhere between 5 LPA and 15 LPA according to the job profile. However, a career in cyber law is promising in this new era of technology.

6. Magistrate: If you want to search for the pinnacles of the judicial system, then the magistrate is one of the best jobs after an LLB degree.

7. Legal Writer and Publisher: Publishing and media are of an industry. Lawyers and legal advisors work for print media, such as newspapers and magazines, and electronic media, such as news channels. They play a big role in sharing legal knowledge and can be called as ‘Legal Journalism’

8. Government examinations after LLB: Having a government job is a dream for many law students. After law, government jobs not only provide financial security but also ensure respect, privilege, and prestige in society. There are many government jobs in all sectors, as every sector needs a legal advisor or legal counsellor, whether it is the banking sector, forest department, civil servants, and so on. examination includes staff selection commission, UPSC, MPSC, SBIPO, RRB, NTPC, RBI (legal officer), and army legal officer.

Career law has undergone massive transformation. Nowadays, law professionals are not just a part of the courts. The scope of LLB has increased over the years, and the number of career options for LLB graduates has multiplied.

Thus, job opportunities after LLB promise a significant future.